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Ultimate Healthy Infant Feeding Guide

Breastfeeding During Disasters

We have become accustomed to making preparations for bad weather, floods, and similar natural disasters. However, we rarely plan for emergency measures as it relates to breastfeeding, during these stressful times. Please note the following list …

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ABC Donates to Help Incarcerated Mothers to Breastfeed

ABC recently donated over $400 to the Alabama Prison Project. This money helped them to reach their goal to assist pregnant women at Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women, in Wetumpka. Infants born to incarcerated mothers …

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Going back to work?

Prepare your employer of your needs to pump your breastmilk at work BEFORE you have the baby, then keep them informed after delivery! All of the information that you need is located at the following …

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Did You Know? Methadone Use While Breastfeeding

The concentrations of methadone found in human milk are low, and that women on stable doses of methadone maintenance should be encouraged to breastfeed if desired, irrespective of maternal methadone dose.   Providers should ensure that the mothers are receiving the methadone through an approved methadone …

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