Importance of Breastfeeding

Why Is Breastfeeding Important?

Breastfeeding is a natural process that is nutritionally sound. Breastfeeding can help babies stay healthy and is a beautiful and intimate way to for mothers to get to know their newborn. Mother’s milk is perfectly matched to her baby’s needs. The contents of your milk change as he or she grows. Mother’s milk is more than food for the baby. Only mother’s milk also works like a medicine to protect your baby.

  • Breast milk gives the infant the ideal balance of nutrients and infection-fighting antibodies. Mother’s milk contains live cells and other growth factors that help promote the best possible development.
  • Parts of mother’s milk help to activate and develop you baby’s immune system.
  • The special mixture of fats in mother’s milk helps develop the baby’s brain and eyes. This can never be made the same way in formula.
  • Many of the benefits of mother’s milk extend well past the time you stop breastfeeding.
  • Breastfeeding is also a part of mother’s relationship with their baby and promotes bonding.
  • Breast milk can reduce the development of allergies in babies. The number one allergy in the US is the cow’s milk protein, casein. The second highest food allergy is soy. Baby formula is made from cow’s milk or soy. Early introduction of casein and soy can stimulate sensitivity to these and result in allergies later.