Baby Friendly-Get Started


Your hospital or birthing center can make a commitment to improve infant feeding policies, training and practices by embarking on the 4-D pathway to designation. This journey creates an environment that is supportive of best practices in maternity care and of optimal infant feeding.

The 4-D pathway is fit for all institutions; large and small hospitals, for profit and not-for-profit hospitals, teaching hospitals, and hospitals at various stages of development in their breastfeeding education and support services, as well as birthing centers.

Hospitals providing maternity care throughout the US and US Territories may earn designation by successfully completing all 4 phases of the 4-D pathway, implementing the Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria and passing an on-site assessment. The Baby-Friendly Designation process requires verification of policies, curriculum, action plans, quality improvement projects, staff training, and competency verification, as well as a readiness interview and an on-site survey. Upon successful completion of this process, as determined by the onsite assessment, the facility will be granted a license to use the Baby-Friendly certification mark.