Officers and Board of Directors

The Alabama Breastfeeding Committee

Chair:  Joshua Johannson, MD, IBCLC

Chair/Member Emeritus:  Lewis Doggett, MD

Vice Chair: Gayle Whatley, RN, WHNP-BC, CLC

Secretary:  Rhonda Hamm, MSN, RNC-NIC

Treasurer:  Catherine Toms, MD, CLC

Parliamentarian:  Renece Waller-Wise, MSN, RN-OB, CNS, CLC, CNL, LCCE, FACCE


Executive Board

Joshua Johannson, MD, IBCLC – Chair –

Lewis Doggett, MD – Member Emeritus –

Shelley Birchfield, BSN, RN –  Chair of Baby Friendly Committee

Janice Smiley, RN, MSN – Chair of Data Collection Committee –

Sylvia Edwards,RN, MS, APN, IBCLC RLC –  Representative for USLCA –  and

Michell Grainger, MSN, RNC-OB, IBCLC  –

Jennifer Gallahar, RN, BSN, IBCLC, CCCE –  Chair of Childcare Committee –

Kim Hurst, RN, BSN, IBCLC, CCCE – Representative for Breastfeeding Education Support Team –

Renece Waller-Wise, MSN, RNC-OB, CNS, CLC, CNL, LCCE, FACCE – Parliamentarian and Chair of Bylaws Committee –

Meredith Gardner, IBCLC – Representative for Mobile Lactation Group

Glenda Dickerson, RN, MS, IBCLC –  Representative for Alabama Lactation Consultants Association –

Jesanna Cooper, MD, CLC – Chair of Professional Education Committee –

Gayle Whatley, RN, WHNP-BC, CLC –  Vice Chair –

Rhonda Hamm, MSN, RNC-NIC -Secretary –

Amy Stratton, RN, BSN, CLC – Representative for Alabama Breastfeeding Initative –

Catherine Toms, MD, CLC – Treasurer –

Kimberly Scott,  MSN, PNP-PC, RN, IBCLC, RLC –  – Representative for Southeast Region USBC –

Lisa Carter, RN, MSN, CLC – Representative for North Alabama Lactation Advocates –

Stacy Ramirez, RN, IBCLC – Representative for North Al. IBCLC –

Cheryl Adams, RN, MSN, IBCLC – Representative of Baby Friendly Facility –

Glenni Lorrick, IBCLC – Legislative Chair –


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